Comeback – ATEEZ, “The World Ep.2 – Outlaw”

*deep breath*


As most of you know, ATEEZ is one of my absolute ult groups of all time. They sucked me in right from go when I first saw the MV for Wonderland and I have become a devoted ATINY.

I know this post is a little late, considering it dropped in mid-June, but I needed a little time to really wrap my brain around the album, the concept, and to also listen to Bouncy at least 546,863 times. (And I’m still not sick of it or the dance, which is a feat in and of itself.)

So let’s get into it!

ATEEZ comeback announced!

*clears throat*


You’ll have to pardon me for the screaming (and yes, it was absolutely screaming) because I am SUPER excited for this comeback! ATEEZ is one of my ult groups and I have been excitedly waiting on this album announcement since they teased it in late April.