Comeback – ONEUS, “Pygmalion”


ONEUS released their new comeback mini-album, Pygmalion, today!

This is their 8th mini-album since their debut in 2019, and their first album as a five-person group. I only recently got into ONEUS, thanks to my friend K, and this is my first comeback since becoming a fan.

Let’s give it a listen!

Track listing:

  1. “Intro: Lethe”
    So apparently ONEUS leaned very hard into the Greek mythology with this album, which I love. This song, although super short at only 1:26 (much like the other intros on their albums) is really beautiful, with the strings in the background.
  2. “Erase Me”
    The second title track, and the one that was released today along with the album, is honestly my favorite, because of the intensity. I have a habit of preferring the really intense, “go crazy go stupid” songs, and this song, especially with the accompanying MV, is really good.
  3. “Unforgettable”
    This was the first title track that was released a few weeks ago, and the MV is a real gut punch. It comes across as the most “pop” of the songs from this album, but it also has a distinct rock feeling with the drums and
  4. “Echo”
    My first thought is this is a cute song! However, I am curious as to the translations, because of Leedo’s rap and some of the echoes/distortions in the song.
  5. “Halley’s Comet”
    THIS SONG. I haven’t been able to find a translation for it yet, but I am interested in seeing what it is. The emotion in this song is just…palpable. One of my friends on Twitter said that it gives him very Goo Goo Dolls vibes, and I can hear that with the guitar in the song and the chorus swelling.

The only thing I don’t like about the album is that it is SO short. It clocks in at just under 15 minutes for the whole thing! I was able to listen to the whole thing on my commute to work this morning – which is NOT long at all. I listened to all of ONEUS’ discography while working today, and even though they have released many mini-albums before, this just seemed very short. I really enjoyed it, though! The length is my only complaint.

Check out the MVs for the title tracks from Pygmalion below!

So what did you think of Pygmalion? Is this your first time really checking out ONEUS’ music, or have you been a ToMoon for a while? Let me know below, or talk to me on Twitter!